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Mom And Dad

Meet Duchess!

Meet Vagelis!

We adopted Duchess in December of 2022 and we have loved everything there is about her! She is as gentle as she is big! She insists on getting attention, whether that's cuddling or just making her presence known as she walks by.

Vagelis is a breeder Maine Coon from BigTexCoons, where he is loved and adored by his family! You can learn more about Vagelis and BigTexCoons at their website.

Kitten Animal Outline


Litter coming end of May!

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What You

Need To Know


Maine Coon Co. kittens are priced as follows:

$2500 - $3500

Prices are based on size.


A minimum deposit of $500 is required to reserve your kitten. The deposit is non-refundable.

Once you choose your new kitten, a deposit of $500 reserves the kitten of your choice. Please note, that the deposit is not refundable, but it is subtracted from your purchase price.

All kittens are registered and have papers (TICA) After spay (neuter) papers will be given.

About Us

Hello, we're Joshua and Lydia Nather.

We have always been passionate and in love with animals! Starting in December of 2022, we decided to take that passion and turn it into our own little cat business.

We grew up together in Kansas and got married in 2019. Since then, we have established our home in Texas and we have just become parents to our baby girl, Ari. We have received so much joy from our cat Duchess and we hope her kittens will find loving and caring homes that they too can bring joy to.

Contact Us

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(682) 532-5049

If you are interested in purchasing a kitten or have any questions, you can contact us via text, call or email.

Avoid scammers

What to look for / Red Flags

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Price Is Not Realistic

A real Maine coon from a real breeder should cost somewhere between $1500 and $4000. Scammers *lure* you into their trap with low-discount prices! Amazing...Beautiful cats at a deep discount! This is a RED FLAG!

2. Look closely at photos.

Scammers are getting more clever with the photos, but usually the photos are not right. You may see one photo advertised repeatedly (one as a male and again as a female). Or different backgrounds for each cat (a breeder will snap photos of kittens with similar backgrounds). Are the litters separated or are all kittens lumped together? (breeders must keep things organized) Are the parents named (real breeders love their cats and will have photos of them).. Can you find multiple snapshots of the same kitten? (real breeders take lots of pictures, look for progression of age and multiple angles VS scammers usually have 1 CUTE photo they copied from the internet)

3. Website Design.

Simple! Quickly thrown together!..… make note of misspelled words and/or sentences that don’t make sense! These things throw up RED FLAGS!

4. Lots and Lots Of Kittens!

this should be a give-away! Be careful of ANYONE who has LOTS and LOTS of kittens Try to imagine what is going on. If this is true: are they getting the proper care? Socialization? What kind of environment can handle this sort of factory? Or is it a scam? RED FLAG.


Never accept payment until I have spoken to someone in person~ This protects ME & YOU. I will not sell a kitten to someone I have not met.....and as a buyer (with so many scammers) it is imperative for you to speak to someone over the phone before you send money.

6. Video.

If you are in doubt, ask for a video call! A scammer doesn't have the kitten so he can't produce it for a video call...this one is certain!

7. Tons Of Testimonies.

A SCAMMER'S #1 GOAL IS TO GAIN YOUR TRUST! Many scammer websites usually have TONS of testimonials.

All of these things are not 100%--scammers copy real breeders and that is what makes it difficult. But being armed with these guidelines should throw up red flags.



Our first litter. Born ​04/15/23

Second litter